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Meadow Creek Park playground.


About Frisco Parks

Take in any of the views in and around Frisco – stunning forested mountain peaks, a pristine alpine reservoir, miles of wooded hiking trails – and it’s easy to understand why we’re an outdoorsy town. We also welcome people who enjoy outdoor sports and leisure activities as much as we do. There are several parks in Frisco where you can relax, take in some of our postcard-worthy views, and play during your visit. 

Frisco parks range from “pocket parks” – micro parks that offer quiet outdoor seating at creek side picnic tables or a downtown gazebo to full-scale parks with playgrounds, shelters, fishing ponds, and other amenities. Many parks also offer access to nearby trails for walking, hiking, biking, and winter sports.

Pro Tip: Dogs on leashes are welcome at Frisco parks, and you’ll find handy Mutt Mitt dispensers for waste disposal because we’re nice like that.

Discover the features, amenities, and rental information for Frisco Parks.

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Things to Do at Frisco Parks

From family vacations to family gatherings, you can reserve a park or park facility for a big celebration or hone those family rivalries on our tennis or pickleball courts, disc golf course, or ball field

Children will love our brand new playground at Walter Byron Park. There are also popular playgrounds at the Marina Park on Frisco Bay (kids will love the sandy beach and walks along the pier here, too) and Meadow Creek Park, where families can fish in the pond in summer or ice skate in winter.

Reserve a Frisco Park or Facility

A few of our parks and park facilities are available to rent for special occasions. These include Walter Byron Park, Meadow Creek Park, the Frisco Bay Marina Park (very limited availability), and the Peninsula Multi-Purpose Field and Ball Field.

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