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Visiting Frisco & Summit County During COVID-19

It’s been a long 14 months since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Summit County. Since then, the Town of Frisco, our businesses, and our community have worked tirelessly to protect your health and safety (and ours) so that we can all still enjoy our amazing trails, fun activities, and our warm and inviting Main Street. Below is a summary of what precautions are still in place when visiting our lovely town and Summit County.

Frisco Promenade Pedestrian Area, Frisco, Colorado, Summer

Frisco/Copper Information Center


Physical Address

300 Main Street
Frisco, CO 80443


9:00am – 5:00pm

The Information Center will have limited hours on some holidays and will be closed on January 1, July 4, Thanksgiving Day, and December 24 & 25.

Mailing Address

PO Box 4100
Frisco, CO 80443

Closer to Normal

While we are not “all clear”, on May 5, 2021, Summit County moved a lot closer to the “2019 normal”, or Level Green as outlined in the Summit County public health order. Physical distancing and face coverings will still be in our lives for a bit, but occupancy limits are allowing businesses to welcome guests at former levels if they choose.

  • There are no more capacity restrictions or six-foot spacing requirements for businesses, including but not limited to restaurants, retail, personal services, personal fitness, offices, transportation services, etc… Be aware that businesses may still have their own restrictions on capacity and spacing, which they are within their rights to implement as a private business.
  • Face coverings will still be required indoors in public spaces and will be required outdoors whenever individuals will be within 6 feet of each other for more than 15 minutes; no need for face coverings if you are quickly passing someone on a trail or on the rec path.
  • The 5 Star program  for businesses that have gone above and beyond to prioritize employee and customer safety is going away (except for indoor events), but 5 Star businesses are encouraged to keep the ramped up sanitation, air filtering, and outdoor dining options. 5 Star businesses helped get us here, and they are worth a visit!

Are there any restrictions still in place?

  • Face Coverings 
    • Face coverings are still required for public indoor areas, businesses open to the general public, and at outdoor events when individuals will be within six feet of each other for more than 15 minutes, for example an outdoor concert or a parade.
    • At this time mask wearing requirements for public venues like restaurants, retail, personal services, personal fitness providers, etc.. where the public is invited and expected or at indoor events will not be relaxed based on vaccination status of business staff or attendees/customers.
  • Indoor events are inherently places where people gather in close proximity and in high numbers with those outside of their household, so there are still restrictions on indoor events. If you are planning a wedding, party or other indoor event where more than 100 people are gathered in an indoor space, the venue must still require six feet distancing between parties of unvaccinated people or when vaccination status is unknown.

What next?

We’ve worked hard to slow the spread of COVID-19, and we continue that tough work so you can come here and feel safe, while still enjoying this town and our mountains. Here is how you can do your part:

  • Keeping washing your hands (a lot) – common colds and flus have been way down this year as a bonus!
  • Stay home if you are sick. Bringing COVID, a cold, or the stomach flu to a party is just not polite. Bringing a seven-layer dip with chips is polite.
  • Yep- get vaccinated. Remember, Frisco and Summit County have visitors from all over the country and the world. Protect yourself, protect our community, and protect your home community by getting the vaccine.
  • Get tested. The mystery and anxiety of thinking your sniffle might be COVID is just not worth it. Go get a free test for peace of mind. They don’t touch your brain, results are returning much faster, and your positive result will not send Summit County back into Level Red; it will just give you peace of mind and information so you can care for your health. Find out about free Summit County testing sites here.
  • Recreate responsibly – Find a different trailhead if your Plan A is too crowded, respect other people’s space, and leave no trace.
  • Whether in Town or on a trail, continue to show kindness in every action. We’ve all been through a lot.

Have questions? You can drop us a line at or call 800-424-1554, and we’ll help you sort it out! We look forward to seeing you in Frisco.

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