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Website Terms & Policies

This web site (the “Web Site”) is operated by the Town of Frisco, Colorado (the “Town,” or “We” or “Our”). The information and policies below (the “Policies”) apply to your (“Your” or “You”) use of the Web Site. The Policies do not apply to other web sites that may be linked to, accessible through, or otherwise mentioned on, the Web Site. You should consult these other web sites for information regarding the policies and procedures applicable to your use of such web sites.

Contact Information

We appreciate your questions, comments, problems, and/or feedback regarding the Web Site. Please direct all inquiries and comments regarding the Web Site, or any information or resources made available through the Web Site, to the Town using one of the following methods:

Phone: 970-668-5276
Regular mail: Town of Frisco
Attn: Webmaster
P.O. Box 4100
Frisco, CO 80443

We will review all inquiries and comments in the order in which they were received.

Terms of Use and Disclaimer

The Town of Frisco maintains this Web Site as a convenience to the public to enhance the public’s knowledge regarding the Town, and to promote a better understanding of the Town of Frisco. All access to this Web Site is at the pleasure of the Town of Frisco.


The Town strives to provide a safe and enjoyable online environment. However, We assume no liability for any damages or loss of any kind that might arise from:

  • Your use of, or the inability to use, the Web Site, or the information and resources contained on the Web Site;
  • Any improper or incorrect use of the Web Site, or the information and resources contained on the Web Site; or
  • Any virus or other contamination of or damage to Your computer that might occur during or as a result of visiting this Web Site.


The Town tries to provide accurate, timely, and complete information and resources on the Web Site. We will make an effort to correct any inaccurate, untimely, or incomplete information or resource on the Web Site that is brought to Our attention. However, please understand that:

  • We cannot guarantee the timeliness, accuracy, currency or completeness of the information or resources on the Web Site;
  • The information and resources available through the Web Site are made available “as is,” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, and are subject to the terms and conditions stated in this disclaimer; and
  • The information provided on the Web Site should not be used as a substitute for legal, accounting, real estate, business, tax, or other professional advice.

In addition, we retain the right to change any information or resources available through the Web Site without prior notice, whether to correct an inaccuracy, or for any other reason.

Email and Electronic Communications with the Town

The Web Site provides You with the ability to communicate with the Town via email and through electronic communications using the Web Site. Before using email or the Web Site to communicate with the Town, You should understand that any communications made by You to the Town via email or through the Web Site:

  • Do not constitute legal or official notice where federal, state or local laws, rules, or regulations require that the Town of Frisco receive notice of any existing or potential claim or cause of action against it, its departments, agencies, officers, employees, representatives, or agents; and
  • Become a “record” of the Town of Frisco, and will be subject to disclosure and publication under the policies of the Town, pursuant to applicable laws governing the records of the Town of Frisco, and as may be required in connection with any applicable law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.

Third Party Information on the Web Site

In an attempt to bring You information regarding people, places, companies, and events in and around the Town of Frisco, the Web Site may contain information regarding other products, services, companies, or individuals. Given the variety of information available on and through the Web Site, You should be aware that:

  • Reference on the Web Site to any products, services, companies, or individuals, does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the Town of Frisco; and
  • The views and opinions expressed on the Web Site do not necessarily state or reflect the opinion of the Town.


The Web Site may also contain references or links to other web sites. Many of these web sites are not operated by, or affiliated with, the Town. Before visiting any of these other web sites, You should be aware that:

  • The Town will not be responsible for the content or availability of these linked web sites, and Your use of these other web sites is at Your own risk;
  • A link from the Web Site to another web site does not constitute an endorsement of that web site by the Town of Frisco; and
  • The information available on these web sites does not reflect the positions of the Town.

Please refer to the terms of use and other policies available on these web sites for information regarding Your use of those sites.

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is to inform You about: the types of information that we gather when You visit the Web Site; how we may use that information; and the options that You have regarding the information. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Web Site.


  • Session Data. We may collect electronically generated information about Your visit to the Web Site. This information is in the form of statistic regarding the use of the Web Site and is non-personally identifiable in Nature. The information is collected automatically and may include the date of Your visit, type of browser used, the pages on the Web Site you have visited and certain other non-personally identifiable information collected by our servers.
  • Email, Forums, Chat Areas, and Interactive Forms. If You send us an email, post information to an interactive forum, provide information in a chat area, fill out an interactive form, or otherwise communicate electronically with the Town using the Web Site, we collect the information that You provide. This information may be personally identifiable in nature. The information may include such things as: name, address, telephone number, and other personal and business data contained in the email or the form.


  • In General. In general, as a governmental agency, we are governed by open records laws. Any information that we receive through use of the Web Site is subject to the same provisions as information provided to the Town on paper. Accordingly, please understand that any information provided to the Web Site shall become a “record” of the Town of Frisco, and will be subject to disclosure and publication under the policies of the Town, pursuant to applicable laws governing the disclosure of the records of the Town of Frisco, and/or as may be required in connection with law enforcement investigations or other legal proceedings.
  • Personally Identifiable Information. We will use personally identifiable information collected from You only for the specific purpose in connection with which the information was provided to us (such as to respond to a request or question that You have made to the Town). We may also use personally identifiable information in an aggregated, non-personally identifiable form to analyze trends in usage of the Web Site. We may also use such information to redirect Your requests and questions to other government agencies or personnel who we feel may be in a better position to deal with Your request or question. Otherwise, we do not share personal identifying information with any third party without Your permission.
  • Statistical Information (Non-Personally Identifiable Information). As noted above, we collect non-personally identifiable information for analysis and statistical purposes that help us manage the Web Site. We collect this information about user sessions from Our user logs and refer to it for statistical purposes. We may also disclose information regarding Our statistical analyses or demographics of Our users in aggregate form to third parties.


  • Control of Personally Identifiable Information. At any time while assessing the Web Site, You may elect not to participate in any activity that asks You for personally identifiable information (i.e. a message board or email response). Your election not to participate may affect Your ability to participate in the particular activity for which the information was requested (particularly where such activity is dependent upon You providing the information requested), but will not affect Your ability to otherwise access the Web Site, and to use other resources that do not require You to provide information.
  • Correction of Errors. In the event of an error in any information that we collect from You, You may contact us at any time to request the correction of the error. We will use all reasonable efforts to correct such error as soon as possible.
  • Opting-out. If You have requested that we contact You with information of any type, You may, at any time, elect to “opt-out” of further contact from us. Your election to opt-out may affect Your ability to receive the information that You had originally requested (i.e., if the information is made available only by email), but will not affect Your ability to otherwise access information through the Web Site. In addition, please understand that if You later request additional information or contact from us, You may be contacted by us pursuant to such request. For further information about opting-out, contact us at the email address, postal address, or telephone number above.

Copyright Policy

All information and resources contained on the Web Site are Copyright © 1998-2020, Town Frisco. The Town of Frisco reserves all other rights in and to the Web Site, and the information and content made available through the Web Site.

While the Town of Frisco provides the information on the Web Site to the public, we retain copyright on all text, images, and other content available through the Web Site. You may print copies of the information available through the Web Site for Your own personal use, provided that You do not obscure any copyright and other notices displayed in connection with such information on the Web Site. However, You may not use, modify, or distribute the text, graphics, or other content available on the Web Site to others without the express written permission of the Town of Frisco.

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