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A man riding an orange fat-tire bike in the snow.

Winter Fat Biking

About Winter Fat Biking

If you can ride a bike, you can ride a fat bike. With their wider rims and comically chunky tires, fat bikes can take you places that other bikes can’t, such as over snow on a cold clear winter day in the mountains.

Ideal fat biking conditions involve cold snow that’s not too soft or slushy, which can make the going rougher and make the snow surface worse for other users. It might seem tempting to head out on a fat bike right after fresh snowfall, but breaking trail in deep snow is rough work. If you’re new to fat biking, look for groomed trails where the snow is already packed down. As a rule of thumb, if the skiing’s not great, the fat biking is!

Winter Fat Biking in and around Frisco

While fat biking is catching on at many Nordic centers, at this time, the Frisco Nordic center doesn’t allow it, with one exception: the annual Frisco Freeze Fat Bike Race. Our friends in Breckenridge allow fat biking at the Gold Run Nordic Center as well as on the town’s maintained trail system, and it’s just 10 minutes from Frisco!

Local fat bike enthusiasts do use the trails around Frisco, including the Rainbow Lakes trail, which get a lot of foot traffic that packs the single track nicely. However, keep in mind that fat biking is not yet an approved use on U.S. Forest Service land.

Every winter, Frisco and Breckenridge team up to groom the Rec Path, meeting in the middle. This leaves an eight mile stretch groomed for winter use. When conditions are right (i.e., there’s no slushy or melting snow), you can winter fat bike on the Rec Path.

Fat Bike Rentals in Frisco

While the Town of Frisco doesn’t offer fat bike rentals, you can find what you need at Rebel Sports on Main Street in downtown Frisco. 

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