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Three cyclists riding on the rec path with the Continental Divide in the background.


General Information About Biking in Frisco

Frisco loves bikes and it really shows in the summer when cruiser bikes seem to outnumber cars in this bike and pedestrian friendly town, yet, a few snowflakes or even a few feet of snow, don’t deter the biking fun here. Not only do cruiser bikes appear on sunny winter days, but fat tire winter trail biking mania has gripped Frisco as well. These days you’re just as likely to see a cross-country skier in the winter as you are to see a winter biker on the many trails around Frisco.

But you don’t need to be “extreme” to bike in Frisco. Biking at 9,097 feet above sea level in the heart of the Rockies is utterly memorable and really doable with some planning and just a little bit of knowledge. From road biking to mountain biking to bike park riding, your only issue will be figuring out what to do each day. And you won’t be in a lurch if you don’t bring your bike because there are 8+ shops in town with excellent rental bike services including winter bike rentals.

From families with kids to cruiser bike enthusiasts to hardcore mountain and road bikers, there is a perfect bike ride in Frisco for everyone.

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