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Frisco Adventure Park – Summer

Frisco Skate Park

Aerial of new Frisco Skate Park at sunset fall 2018

Now Open

The Frisco Skate Park is now open. Thank you to all of the passionate skaters who got out there to shovel snow and sweep for an early opening on a big snow year.

Park Remodel

In 2019, the Town of Frisco will complete a $600k remodel of the Frisco Skate Park. The park is currently open, but work remains on landscaping and parking areas.

The park, located at the Frisco Adventure Park and designed by Evergreen Skateparks LLC, is now nearly three times the size of the old park with 28,000-square-feet of jumps, bumps, bowl pockets, transition areas and more. It has been described as “a lunar landscape kind of flowing park” by Evergreen founder Catherine Coulon.

New Climbing Area

A new climbing area for kids has been constructed next to the skate park. This boulder garden features three realistic looking boulders 8-10 feet high made from glass-fiber-reinforced concrete. Each boulder provides a different level of difficulty to suit children of different ages and abilities, and there are even rope connectors between boulders for the more adventurous.

More Info

The Frisco outdoor skate park is free to the public and includes above ground skate line features for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

  • The skate park is located at the Frisco Adventure Park at 621 Recreation Way next to the Frisco Adventure Park Day Lodge and is available for skating from dawn to dusk in the summer months.
  • Please respect ALL posted signage and closures.
  • Helmets and other safety equipment are highly recommended and skating is at your own risk.
  • From June-August, the Frisco Recreation Department offers a wide variety of youth sport and day camp programs at the Frisco Adventure Park which is where the skate park is located.

Drone Policy

Drone use is not permitted. Please review the Town of Frisco’s Drone Policy for further details.