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Discover Frisco
Model train

Frisco Historic Park
Photo Gallery & Videos

The Story of Frisco, Colorado

Now and Then Photos

Discover how the Frisco Historic Park’s structures looked in the past! Hover over each image to scroll through photos.

School House

  • Brick building with green wood accents and bell tower with sunlit trees and mountain backdrop.
    Photo courtesy of Todd Powell.


  • Windowless cabin nestled among aspens.
    Frisco Jail now courtesy of the Frisco Historic Park & Museum

Niemoth Cabin

  • Cute little log cabin surrounded by trees on a sunny day.
    The Niemoth Cabin at the Frisco Historic Park.

Wood’s Cabin

  • Log cabin with Christmas wreath surrounded by snow on a bright, sunny day
    Wood's Cabin in the Frisco Historic Park. Photo courtesy of Todd Powell.

Prestrud Staley House

  • Snow covered cabins with golden aspens and snow falling on the mountains in the background
    The Prestrud/Staley House at the Frisco Historic Park. Photo courtesy of Todd Powell.

Trapper’s Cabin

  • Tiny cabin with antlers mounted above the door and aspens in the background
    The Trapper's Cabin at the Frisco Historic Park.

Bailey House

  • Perspective view of log cabin with aspen trees
    The Bailey House at the Frisco Historic Park.

Bill’s Ranch

  • Log cabin in the sunlight with flower garden and aspen trees
    Bill's Ranch House at the Frisco Historic Park.

Log Chapel

  • Log chapel in dappled sunlight with trees.
    The Log Chapel at the Frisco Historic Park. Photo courtesy of Todd Powell.

Frank and Annie Ruth House

  • Log cabin with ore cart on lawn with trees in background
    The Frank and Annie Ruth House at the Frisco Historic Park


2020 Summer Lunchtime Lecture Series

Meet Martha Maxwell
Presented by Linda Batlin, storyteller

Bear Aware
Presented by Gail Marshall from Summit County Bear Aware

Wildfires and Historic Preservation
Presented by Tom Fuller, Heritage Program Manager of the White River National Forest

Chasing the Bad Guys
Presented by historian and author, Bill Fountain

Rocky’s West Side Stories
Presented by David Lively, Lively Tours & Talks

History of the Nuche, The Ute Creation Story
Presented by Nina Gabianelli, Aspen Historical Society & Skylar Lomahaftewah, Northern Colorado Ute Tribe

The History and Biology of Moose
Presented by Jacob Kay, Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Chicano History and the Modern Movement
Presented by Ricardo LaFore

2019 Summer Lunchtime Lecture Series

Summit County’s Narrow Gauge Railroads
Presented by Bob Schoppe

Lost Lodges of Rocky Mountain National Park
Presented by Dave Lively

Stories of the Nuche, Tales from the Ute People
Presented by Nina Gabianelli of the Aspen Historical Society and Skyler Lomahaftewah of the Northern Ute Tribe

Dillon, Denver, and the Dam
Presented by Dr. Sandra Mather

Summit County Safe Passages
Presented by Ashley Nettles

Baseball in Colorado – 1862 to the Present
Presented by Roger Hadix

Lions, Moose, and Bear, Oh My! Living with Wildlife in Summit County
Presented by Elissa Selzak and Tom Davies of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Haulin’ Ass – Running with Burros
Presented by Brad Wann

Colorado & Southern Railway: Wrecks, Snow Drifts, and Sunshine
Presented by Tom Klinger

2019 Winter Lecture Series

Snow Removal & Avalanche Mitigation on Colorado’s Highways
Presented by Lauren Cooper of Colorado Department of Transportation

Sisters of Courage
Presented by Dave Lively

They Weren’t All Prostitutes and Gamblers
Presented by Dr. Sandra Mather

Black Women who Changed America
Presented by Jill Tietjen

Ski Through History
Presented by Rick Hague

Skiing Off to War
Presented By Retired Col. Tom Duhs

Mountain Rescues of Summit County
Presented by Glen Kraatz

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