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Lake Dillon with Tenmile Range in the background.

Dillon Reservoir

Maps of the Reservoir

Reservoir Facts

  • The Dillon Reservoir is owned and operated by Denver Water, and is their largest water storage facility.
  • The Reservoir has a capacity of 257,304 acre ft. (1 acre ft. = 325,851 gal.), and the Dam has a storage capacity of 254, 036 acre ft.
  • Construction of the Dam began in 1961 and was completed in 1963.
  • The entire town of Dillon, Colorado, and a hydroelectric plant were relocated to build the dam.
  • Proceeds from recreation stay in Summit County for the management of recreational activities on the reservoir.
  • The current reservoir water level/elevation may be found on the Denver Water website in the third table titled “West Slope”.
  • Learn more about the Reservoir from Denver Water.
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