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Entrance to Pedestrian Tunnel

Frisco Arts & Culture Council Seeking Proposals for a Mural

The Town of Frisco and the Frisco Arts and Culture Council (FACC) are seeking to commission a vibrant outdoor mural to be installed on the pedestrian/bicycle tunnel under Highway 9 connecting the multi-use recreational pathways from the Peninsula Recreation Area (PRA) and the County Commons on the south side of Frisco. The mural is being funded by the Town of Frisco through a process that is being led by the Frisco Arts and Culture Council, with final approval for the project coming from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Mural Site Details

This tunnel is relatively new and in an area that has not been highlighted between the County Commons and the Frisco Adventure Park. The tunnel was built to provide a safe passage for pedestrians and bicyclists under Highway 9 and leads to the Frisco Peninsula where outdoor recreation from mountain biking in the summer to tubing in the winter is experienced by over 165,000 locals and visitors each year.

There are three primary spaces at this site – the two facades and the interior of the underpass. Artists should submit a proposal that considers all three areas collectively and in a cohesive way. The two facades measure 195 square feet each, with the option to include a 90-square-foot jersey barrier above the tunnel facades. The exterior of the tunnel is concrete. The tunnel’s interior is corrugated metal and measures approximately 5,232 sf of paintable surface.

Project Goals

This mural project could be a powerful way to mix art, outdoor recreation, and everyday travel, and wayfinding by providing a surprising and unexpected experience. The tunnel mural should improve the aesthetics of the underpass and contribute to the natural and built environments at the PRA, the County Commons, and the recreational pathway experience. The mural will also act as an informal wayfinding signal and invitation to use the tunnel, as it is visible from across the PRA and County Commons.

FACC is very open to considering project designs incorporating community involvement, but this is not required. Proposals recommending community involvement should clearly describe the benefits and methods for involvement. The pedestrian underpass mural would become a part of the town’s public art collection with long-term care and maintenance managed by the FACC.


The honorarium is $20,000 to $30,000 total, which shall constitute full compensation for all services, goods, expenses, and materials to be performed and furnished in the mural’s design, creation, and installation.

How to Apply

Completed proposals should be emailed to Rose Gorrell by 5:00pm on March 15, 2024. Mural information, deadlines, and contact information are available in the full RFP.

  1. Artists must submit at least one and no more than three conceptual renderings of proposed artwork.
  2. Artists must also submit at least two and no more than six links to examples of their completed work that depict the artistic style that they intend to use for the project.
  3. Artists should include a one-page letter describing their experience with large scale murals and why this project interests them.
  4. The RFP includes CDOT’s guidelines for art, and artists should read this before submitting a proposal.
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