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Blue Sailboat on 3rd Avenue

Abandoned Sailboat to be Transformed into Art Project on Main Street

The Town of Frisco and MakeFrisco are collaborating with Sunny Side Up Art Studio and the Frisco Fun Club on a public art display. A sailboat that has been abandoned for over decade has been relocated from the Frisco Bay Marina to the Frisco Pedestrian Promenade  to use as a canvas for a community art project. On the morning of July 8, Frisco Bay Marina staff moved the sailboat to the decorative brick bump-out on 3rd Avenue, next to the Frisco/Copper Mountain Visitor Information.

Ashlie Weisel, artist and owner of Sunnyside Up Studio in Frisco has outlined a design on the boat, which will be painted by kids ages 7-12 who are participating in the Frisco Fun Club. The Fun Club kids are scheduled to paint the sailboat from July 13 through July 15, from 1:30 – 3:30 pm each day. The sailboat will also feature a decorative mast, as well as a skirt for the trailer that it sits on in order to maintain the aesthetic of the Promenade.

“This project is a shining example of multiple groups, community members, and organizations working together. Part of MakeFrisco’s mission is to elevate art in the community, so to connect the Frisco Fun Club kids with such a fun public art piece fulfills that mission in such a creative way. The hope for this sailboat is that it will become an annual community painting project that will be repainted every summer as a way to inspire new themes and bring people together,” stated Rose Gorrell, Frisco Historic Park and Museum Manager.

The sailboat is anticipated to remain in place for the duration of the Promenade, and is one of several initiatives by the Frisco Town Council and MakeFrisco to bring more art into public spaces. Local artists recently installed a mural commissioned by the Town of Frisco at the intersection of 3rd and Main Street, and artists from the MakeFrisco group contributed various images of their art to decorate the safety barricades which delineate Promenade boundaries.

Questions about the sailboat project or MakeFrisco may be directed to Rose Gorrell, Museum Manager.

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