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5 Security Tips For Tourist Businesses

If you operate or are in charge of a tourist business, then your seasonal operations might be limited but still necessitate top-of-the-line security. That said, below are five security tips for tourist businesses:

  1. Identifying problems before they happen is best. Whatever your tourist business is, you need to know what common threats face it. Having clearly defined problems based on your area and the services you offer will make it much easier to identify when problems happen and go to a known solution set up by the company.
  2. Property Owners regardless of the type of business need to ensure there are proper Lighting systems. This can take the form of smart lights which are controlled with an app or a timer so that the outside of a car rental regularly has exterior flood lights and the entrances and doorways and a restaurant are well-lit, and the parking lots of ski resorts and hotels provide enough light for patrons to safely move through any and all weather conditions, particularly snow and ice.
  3. Safe conditions for workers and for visitors include OSHA regulations that stipulate any potential hazards for slipping be removed. Tourist businesses generally operate during two dominant seasons, one of which is very wet and icy. 
  4. Internal security can be enhanced with alarms. These are of course not the only internal security systems or alarms that should be installed. Just the same as smart lights can be beneficial, smart locks can go hand-in-hand with existing security systems or security cameras. Smart locks can provide an easy way for different levels of staff to access specific areas of a business, such as allowing restaurant managers to enter the office or ski staff to go into the restricted storage areas where all of the rental equipment is held. 
  5. Finally, access control systems and cameras can provide extra security. All entrances and windows as well as offices with sensitive data or expensive equipment should be locked when the business is not in use. An access control system can be used to review codes and verify which employees have access to given areas, and where they entered. This can even extend to which guests were given passes to specific areas of the hotel property. 


Restaurants need to be particularly observant of removing any potential hazards to avoid liability both inside the restaurant and on the restaurant property. Security during winter includes keeping the floors dry and safe. All year round whenever a restaurant operates it is imperative to use proper locks to limit people from access into potentially dangerous areas, and cameras all around the property to ensure everyone is safe when going about their business. Having all of these security concerns tackled with smart devices can limit potential liability accidents in a restaurant for patrons and for employees.

ski resort security

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts need to be cognizant of clean and safe spaces as well, in addition to smart locks and cameras. Alarms for moisture regulation, special smart locks on doors to restricted areas for employees or instructors only are of particular concern. Addressing security concerns with smart devices simply adds better convenience. Ski resorts can be very hectic given that they only operate for a limited time during the year and field many visitors all at once. Being able to automate certain processes like alarms for too much moisture on the floor or security cameras that can see when sleeping conditions are present will make it much easier and faster to address these security concerns compared to waiting for a frazzled employee to stumble upon them by accident.

Car Rentals

Cameras and safe environments are top priority for car rentals.  Car rental companies need to make sure that they protect their inventory and this includes wide-scale perimeter security complete with security cameras around the entire parking lot of inventory in addition to lighting that remains on all evening to provide ample light to the rental cars. Using smart devices to address these security concerns can give better control over what is happening inside a car rental property at all times, monitoring when the lights are on, when the HVAC is being used, when someone enters or exits the building, and so on.


Safety and security is vital for housekeeping and maintenance who are at an increased risk of accidents or injuries using heavy equipment or doing physically demanding jobs. By the same token guests need to have good safety and security when they arrive and this extends to simple measures like proper lighting in a parking lot, sufficient locks on all the doors, and cameras on the off-chance that they need to review activity near their car or their room. Connecting smart devices on the inside of a hotel can help enhance security, monitor the temperatures, the lighting, and the noise levels.

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