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Man and woman hiking on trail near old building at Mayflower Gulch

4 Ghost Town Adventures Near Frisco

Experience authentic western history in four ghost towns near Frisco and imagine what life might have been like in these remote locations 150 years ago. Hike, mountain bike, drive, or 4×4 to these hidden gems of history. Use this map to complete them all in one day if you’re feeling adventurous! Always respect the historical artifacts and leave them where and as you found them.

1. Masontown

Frisco’s own ghost town was wiped out by an avalanche in 1926, but foundations are still visible, along with mining equipment. Hike the moderate 2 miles roundtrip to the Masontown site or participate in a guided hiking tour of the site with the Frisco Historic Park & Museum. Imagine what it was like to live here at the turn of the last century.

2. Boston

Either hike, bike, or drive a 4×4 vehicle 1.6 miles to Mayflower Gulch, which was once the home of the Boston Mine. Cabins, a boarding house, and mining equipment remain surrounded by a gorgeous amphitheater of mountains and alpine wildflowers.

3. South Party City

Drive 30 miles over the Continental Divide on South Highway 9 to 44 authentic buildings filled with over 60,000 artifacts that portray the economic and social aspects of boomtown life. Seven of the buildings are on their original sites, and the others have been moved from other area abandoned camps and ghost towns. The City is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm daily and adult tickets cost $10.00.

4. Vicksburg & Winfield

Explore two off the beaten path ghost towns in Chaffee County. Drive south on Highway 91/24 for 43 miles, take a right onto CO Rd 390 and travel 8 miles on the easy dirt road before reaching the Vicksburg site complete with a seasonal museum, cabins, an outhouse, mining equipment, and a cemetery. Continue on the dirt road for another 4 miles to explore the mining camp of Winfield, including a traditional western false front building.

Did You Know?

The Frisco Historic Park & Museum in Frisco is free to the public and open Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm; closed Monday and Tuesday.

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