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2019 Frisco Historic Park & Museum Summer Lunchtime Lecture Series

The summer lecture series is presented on Wednesdays at 12:00pm in June, July & August at the Frisco Historic Park & Museum.

June 5
Colorado & Southern Railway: Wrecks, Snow Drifts and Sunshine

Presented by Tom Klinger

Guests will learn about the challenges that faced the Colorado & Southern Railway during the year. The Railway operated from 1883-1937 and a principal branch of the main line came north from Como and went over Boreas Pass to Breckenridge, Dillon, and Frisco, terminating in Leadville. Presenter Tom Klinger will discuss how railroad workers joined forces to battle the elements!

June 12
Haulin’ Ass! Running with Burros

Presented by Brad Wann

Explore the exciting history of Pack Burro Racing and meet a burro! Pack-Burro Racing has captured the attention of filmmakers, reality TV shows and athletes of all ages. Guest will discover the history and appeal of the sport.

June 19
Lions, Moose & Bears – Oh My!

Presented by Elissa Slezak & Tom Davies

From mountain lions to foxes, many wild critters call Summit County home. Guests will learn about the animal species in Summit County as well as strategies on co-existing with them.

June 26
Baseball in Colorado, 1862 to the Present

Presented by Roger Hadix

Since 1862, baseball teams have been organized in Colorado. Even before Colorado became a state, community teams came together all over the territory. Presenter, Roger Hadix, will educate guests about how the rules, equipment and uniforms have changed over the years.

July 3
Safe Passages for Wildlife

Presented by Julie Kintsch

Summit County wildlife has to be able to maintain migration patterns, but human-made roads can interrupt them. In this brand-new lecture, guests will learn about strategies that protect wildlife and motorists.

July 10
Dillon, Denver and the Dam

Presented by Dr. Sandie Mather

Local author and historian, Dr. Sandra F. Mather, will share the fascinating story behind the Dillon Reservoir and the Roberts Tunnel project, the feats of engineering accomplished to build this structure in the 1960’s, the flooding of Dillon #3, and the birth of a new Town of Dillon on the banks of the reservoir.

July 17
Stories of the Nuche, Tales from the Ute People

Presented by Nina Gabianelli and Skyler Lomahaftewah

Storytelling exists in every culture as a means of entertainment, education and cultural preservation. Guest will learn the history of native people of Colorado and the modern-day Ute experience.

July 24
Lost Lodges of Rocky Mountain National Park

Presented by Dave Lively

Explore the history of more than 30 lodges that were once in Rocky Mountain National Park. Guests will learn about large resorts where elk and moose grazed pristine meadows. This thought-provoking lecture will explore the search for balance between wilderness and hospitality unique to Rocky Mountain National Park.

July 31
Ben Stanley Revett’s Dredge Boats on the Lower Swan River

Presented by Bill Fountain

Learn the history of Ben Stanley Revett’s six gold dredge boats on the Swan River from 1898 through 1920. Guests will see 150 photographs from then and now, along with documents and maps.

August 7
Summit County’s Narrow Gauge Railroads

Presented by Bob Schoppe

In Bob Schoppe and Dr. Sandie Mather’s book “Summit County Narrow Gauge Railroads” tells the story of two railroads that fought for dominance in Summit County. The Denver, South Park & Pacific and the Denver & Rio Grande operated in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Guests will learn how both railroads improved the living conditions, enabled local economies and maintained railways under harsh conditions.

August 14
Mountain Rescues of Summit County

Presented by Glen Kraatz

For 46 years, Summit County Rescue Group volunteers have been responding to calls for help in the back country. Learn the group’s history and hear captivating tales that span half a century of service.

August 21
A Day in the Life… Being a Miner in the 1880’s

Presented by Rick Hague

Hardrock miners of the 1880’s endured 10 hour work days in dark, cold holes, hundreds of feet underground. Mining was hard, demanding labor, typically done alone. Explosions and cave-ins were constant threats. Learn the story of these miners and their lives in cabins and bunkhouses in the middle of nowhere. Guests might come away with a greater appreciation for life in Summit County.


Lectures are FREE & subject to change.
Lectures are held at the Historic Park Log Chapel or Historic Park Gazebo at 120 Main Street in Frisco.