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Historic Park & Museum

Get Involved!

Become involved in the museum and help us in our mission.  Explore the great opportunities below on how to get involved and please contact the museum for more information.  Call 970-668-3428 or sign up online to volunteer at the Museum.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Museum

  • Collections / Cataloguing / Accessioning
  • Oral History (Interviewing and Recording Accounts from Historic Residents)
  • Upkeep / Maintenance of Buildings and Exhibits
  • Programs (Assist in Setting Up for Lectures / Founder’s Day)
  • Interpretation / Docent (Assist in Tours and/or Welcoming and Informing Visitors)

Town of Frisco Donations Policy

It is hereby the policy of the Town Staff to use the following steps when a member of the community is interested in donating a gift to the Town of Frisco.

Museum Donation & Loan Procedures

  1. If a donation is proposed to Council or staff or if a Council person is approached about a donation, the proposal is redirected to the Town Manager and/or staff designee for review of the concept.
  2. Staff reviews a proposed donation to see if it fits within any master plan for the specific area and/or if it fits in with the overall goals of the Town, etc.
  3. If a proposed donation does not appear to fit with any Town goals, the donation is directed to a more appropriate resource in the county, and staff spends no more time on the donation.
  4. If a proposed donation does appear to fit within a goal of the Town, it will then move forward within the appropriate department. The process may include researching information on the following: feasibility, long-term maintenance costs, monetary value, liability issues, etc.
  5. If a proposed donation’s monetary value is less than $2,500, the donation may be accepted by the appropriate department.
  6. If a proposed donation’s monetary value is greater than $2,500 then the donation is brought before Town Council for review, with a recommendation from staff.
  7. If a donation is accepted by the Town of Frisco, a Deed of Gift receipt must be signed by the donor.
  8. If the donation is accepted by the Town of Frisco, the donation must adhere to the specifications (color, style, etc.) as identified by the town.
  9. Unforeseen or changing circumstances may or may not allow the town to promise temporary or permanent display or placement of any donation.