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Colorado BBQ Challenge

Awards & Results

Women receiving awards at BBQ Challenge

2018 Colorado BBQ Challenge Winners

People’s Choice

1st- Golden Toad
2nd- Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ
3rd- Rat’s WoodShack BBQ


Grand Champion (1st Place) – Porky Butts BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion (2nd Place) – Shake’n Bake BBQ
3rd- Gettin’ Basted
4th- Clark Crew BBQ
5th- Woody’s Q Shack
6th- Wabash BBQ
7th- 913 BBQ
8th- Lucky’s Q
9th- Proud Souls Barbecue
10th- Shig Ninja BBQ


1st- Smokejumpers
2nd- 1-2 BBQ
3rd- The Mighty Quinns
4th- Q Live Crew BBQ
5th- Proud Souls Barbecue
6th- Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ
7th- Midnight Smokers
8th- Bigs Meat Wagon 5
9th- Bigs Meat Wagon
10th- Lost Weekend Grill


1st- Shake’n Bake BBQ
2nd- Porky Butts
3rd- Gettin’ Basted
4th- Proud Souls Barbecue
5th- Lucky’s Q
6th- Backdraft BBQ
7th- Wabash BBQ
8th- Woody’s Q Shack
9th- Brickhead BBQ
10th- Social Smokers BBQ


1st- The American Dream BBQ
2nd- Porky Butts
3rd- Clark Crew BBQ
4th- Burntout BBQ
5th- Uncle J’s
6th- Midnight Smokers
7th- Lucky’s Q
8th- Gettin’ Basted
9th- Woody’s Q Shack
10th- Smokin Hot BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st- Shake n’ Bake BBQ
2nd- Clark Crew BBQ
3rd- Old Style BBQ
4th- Brickhead BBQ
5th- Porky Butts
6th- Smokin’ Triggers
7th- D-5 BBQ Team
8th- 3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ
9th- Porky’s Pit Crew
10th- Social Smokers BBQ


1st- Porky Butts
2nd- Wabash BBQ
3rd- 913 BBQ
4th- Shake ‘n Bake BBQ
5th- Gettin’ Basted
6th- Rubbin it & Lovin it BBQ
7th- The American Dream BBQ
8th- Grinder’s BBQ
9th- Big Daddy’s Backyard BBQ
10th-Kraze-E’s BBQ

Side Dish

1st- Billy Gromers BBQ
2nd- Proud Souls Barbecue
3rd- Ball Park BBQ
4th- Mountain Lyon Cafe Extreme BBQ
5th-Big’s Meat Wagon 2
6th- Q’Tang Clan 2
7th- Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ 2
8th- Midnight Smokers
9th- Kennedy Craft Barbecue
10th- The Mighty Quinns


1st- Woody’s Q Shack
2nd- Carnivores BBQ 3
3rd- Carnivores BBQ
4th- The Mighty Quinns
5th- Clark Crew BBQ 2
6th- 1-2 BBQ
7th- Team Danny (Special Ingredient) 3
8th- Carnivores BBQ 4
9th- Big’s Meat Wagon 2
10th- Team Danny (Special Ingredient)


1st- Team Danny (Special Ingredient)
2nd- Gettin’ Basted 3
3rd- Gettin’ Basted 2
4th- Z’s Salsa 1
5th- Gettin’ Basted
6th- Mountain Lyon Cafe Extreme BBQ
7th- Midnight Smokers 3
8th- Porky Butts BBQ
9th- Z’s Salsa 2
10th- Proud Souls Barbecue

Anything Goes

1st- Q’Tang Clan
2nd- Billy Gomer’s BBQ
3rd- Porky’s Pit Crew
4th- Midnight Smokers 2
5th- Carnivores BBQ
6th- Q’Tang Clan 2
7th- Kennedy Craft BBQ
8th- The Original Smoketrotters
9th- Ball Park BBQ
10th-  Team Danny (Special Ingredient)

Kids Q 5-10 Years

1st- Gaven McGlaun (Lucky’s Q)
2nd- Molly Leighninger (Gettin’ Basted)
3rd- Emily Burnett (Q’Tang Clan)
4th- Kate Burnett (Q’Tang Clan)
5th- Ellie Leighninger (Gettin’ Basted)
6th- Tatum Scheer (Shake N’ Bake BBQ)
7th- Kayleigh McBreen (3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ)
8th- Taylor Sheer (Shake n’ Bake BBQ)

Kids Q 11-15 Years

1st-Alex Luster (BBQ Mama)
2nd- Samantha Dominguez (D-5 BBQ Team)
3rd- Bradley Metzger (Daddy’s Backyard BBQ)

4th Annual Firefighter Cook-Off 

The 4th Annual Firefighter/Sheriff Cook-Off was held on Saturday, June 16, 2018 as a part of the 25th Annual Colorado BBQ Challenge. The Summit County Sheriff’s Department was new to the competition.

Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue, Summit Fire & EMS and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, went head to head competing at the grills for a 1st place prize of $1,000 for their favorite charity and a 2nd place prize of $500 for their favorite charity. Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue won 1st place, Summit Fire & EMS won 2nd and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office came in 3rd.

Inaugural Amico Outstanding Volunteer Award

Judi Amico, Rick Amico and Tom Connolly have been the soul of the Colorado BBQ Challenge since its inception. To honor their 25 year commitment to coordinating a volunteer force that has grown to over 400 volunteers, the Town of Frisco presented the first ever Amico Outstanding Volunteer Award to it’s namesakes. Niles Ottenger was also selected for his tireless commitment to running beer booth one from the start to the finish of this event each year.