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Colorado BBQ Challenge

Awards & Results

Women receiving awards at BBQ Challenge

2017 Colorado BBQ Challenge Winners

People’s Choice

1st- Golden Toad
2nd- Big Daddy’s Texas BBQ
3rd- Rat’s WoodShack BBQ


Grand Champion (1st Place) – Lucky’s Q
Reserve Grand Champion (2nd Place) – Porky Butts BBQ
3rd- 913 BBQ
4th- Backdraft BBQ
5th- Wildhogs BBQ
6th- Clark Crew BBQ
7th- Grinder’s BBQ
8th- Shake’n Bake BBQ
9th- Team Danny
10th- The American Dream BBQ


1st- B-S BBQ Outlaws
2nd- PetaBBQ
3rd- Deplorable BBQ
4th- Clarence BBQ
5th- Proud Souls Barbecue
6th- Lost Weekend Grill
7th- 1-2-BBQ
8th- Wildhogs BBQ
9th- Team Danny
10th- Bigs Meat Wagon


1st- Porky Butts BBQ
2nd- In Deep Sauce
3rd- 913 BBQ
4th- Lucky’s Q
5th- B-S BBQ Outlaws
6th- Burnin’ Bob’s Butt’s N Bones
7th- Shake’n Bake BBQ
8th- Smokin’ Boxers BBQ
9th- Wildwood Smokehouse
10th- The American Dream BBQ


1st- Porky Butts BBQ
2nd- The American Dream BBQ
3rd- Burntout BBQ
4th- Grinders BBQ
5th- 913 BBQ
6th- Lucky’s Q
7th- Backdraft BBQ
8th- Shake’n Bake BBQ
9th- 303 BBQ
10th- Wildhogs BBQ

Pork Ribs

1st- Gettin’ Basted
2nd- Backdraft BBQ
3rd- Smokin’ Triggers
4th- Wildhogs BBQ
5th- Proud Souls Barbecue
6th- Clark Crew BBQ
7th- 3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ
8th- Rubbin’ It & Lovin’ It BBQ
9th- The American Dream BBQ
10th- 913 BBQ


1st- Lucky’s Q
2nd- Team Danny
3rd- Clark Crew BBQ
4th- 3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ
5th- Wildhogs BBQ
6th- Lost Weekend Grill
7th- Monsoon BBQ
8th- Grinder’s BBQ
9th- B-S BBQ Outlaws
10th- In Deep Sauce

Side Dish

1st- Proud Souls Barbecue
2nd- Bigs Meat Wagon #3
3rd- Bigs Meat Wagon #2
4th- Wildhogs BBQ
5th-Q’Tang Clan BBQ
6th- Team Danny
7th- Lost Weekend Grill
8th- Bigs Meat Wagon
9th- Bob’s Blazin’ Barbecue
10th- The Original Smoketrotters


1st- Wildwood Smokehouse
2nd- Smokin’ Timbers BBQ
3rd- Q Live Crew BBQ
4th- Crush BBQ
5th- Rat’s Woodshack
6th- Team Danny #3
7th- BurntOut BBQ
8th- Lost Weekend Grill
9th- Big’s Meat Wagon
10th- Shake’n Bake BBQ #3


1st- Clarence BBQ
2nd- Gettin’ Basted
3rd- Porky Butts BBQ
4th- Midnight Smokers
5th- Los Nerds
6th- Gettin’ Basted #3
7th- Pig Floyd
8th- Team Danny #2
9th- PetaBBQ
10th- Gettin’ Basted #2

Anything Goes

1st- The Original Smoketrotters
2nd- Billy Gomer’s BBQ
3rd- Pig Floyd
4th- Wild Hogs BBQ
5th- Q’Tang Clan BBQ
6th- Deplorable Q
7th- Team Danny
8th- Crush BBQ
9th- The Original Smoketrotters #2
10th- Midnight Smokers

Kids Q 5-10 Years

1st- Garrett Prust (Q’Tang Clan)
2nd- Mason Bratton (Wild Hogs BBQ)
3rd-Tatum Scheer (Shake N’ Bake BBQ)
4th- Molly Leighninger (Gettin’ Basted)
5th- Taylor Scheer (Shake N’ Bake BBQ)
6th- Kayleigh McBreen (3 Lil’ Mac’s BBQ)
7th- Gavin McGlaun (Lucky’s Q)
8th- Talia Burlson (Q’Tang Clan BBQ)
9th- Brynn Martin  Cole Robertson (Taking Care of Business)
10th- McKenna Martin

Kids Q 11-15 Years

1st-Cooper Johnson (PetaBBQ)
2nd- Abigail Sherman (PetaBBQ)
3rd- Ethan Grob (Backdraft BBQ)
4th- Logan Johnson (PetaBBQ)
5th- Jena Sherman (PetaBBQ)
6th- Michael Adkins (Bob’s Blazin Barbeque)

3rd Annual BlueStar Firefighter Cook-Off

The 3rd Annual BlueStar Firefighter Cook-Off was held on Saturday, June 17, 2017 as a part of the 24th Annual Colorado BBQ Challenge. All three Summit County fire departments: Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue, Copper Mountain Fire Department and Lake Dillon Fire Rescue, went head to head competing at the grills for a 1st place prize of $1,000 for their favorite charity and a 2nd place prize of $500 for their favorite charity. Copper Mountain Fire Department won 1st place and Red, White and Blue Fire Rescue and  Lake Dillon Fire Rescue tied for 2nd place.