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Man in gray skate skiing with Peak One in the background.

Up & At ‘Em Nordic Race Series

2022 Up & At ‘Em Series

We had a great response to our 2021 Up & At ‘Em Series with more racers participating than ever so we will continue our Strava/solo style races in 2022. New this year is a 12:30pm mass start option on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of race week. Perfect for folks that want some friendly competition.

Join Strava (it’s free) and race your friends all winter! We will post four different race loops and the Nordic Center will keep track of your results via Strava by age group in both classic and skate with races in December, January, and February.


Frisco Nordic Center
616 Recreation Way
Frisco, CO 80443


Racers can compete in this online format with a marked course from Wednesday at 7:00am – Sunday at 5:00pm. There are virtual races scheduled with varying distances:

Race #1: January 5-9, 2022 – 6.5km (We pushed the series back, adding another race in February while taking away the previously scheduled December race.)

Race #2: January 19-23, 2022 – 7.5km

  • Strava Segment/Course Map
  • Course Map on Frisco Nordic Trail Map
  • Course Description: start at Frisco Nordic Center > RJ’s Vista > Weak Link > Recreation Path > Gene’s > Crown Point Road > Jody’s Nugget > Giber’s > Hanimals > Balfonz Blitz > M’Rezy > Kim’s Chase > M’Rezy > finish at Frisco Nordic Center

Race #3: February 2-6, 2022 – 7.5km

Please note that the Frisco Nordic Center is hosting RMN ski races on Saturday, February 5, and, Sunday, February 6. This race course was designed to not interfere with the RMN race courses. Please plan ahead and expect extra ‘traffic’ on the trails and parking lots on February 5-6, 2022.

  • Strava Segment/Course Map
  • Course Map on Frisco Nordic Trail Map
  • Course Description: start RJ’s shortcut-RJ’s Junction > Olympians > Crown Point > Reischel’s East > Gibers > Gibers Shortcut > left-north on Jody’s Nugget > left to Crown Point > left on Crown Point > Olympians > RJ’s > finish at RJ’s shortcut

Race #4: March 2-6, 2022 – 10km

  • Strava Segment/Course Map
  • Course Map on Frisco Nordic Trail Map
  • Course Description: start at the Frisco Nordic Center > RJ’s Vista > go left onto unsigned groomed run Kim’s Chase > M’Rezy > RJ’s Vista > Balfanz Blitz > Hanimal’s (up the wall) > Jody’s Nugget > Hanimal’s > Crown Point Road > Buzzsaw > follow Buzzsaw across Recpath up ‘Donut Hill’ > strait onto Gene’s across Recpath > Crown Point Road > Jody’s Nugget > Immediate left on Jody’s Nugget up hill > Left on Jodys Nugget downhill > Balfanz Blitz > RJ’s Vista > Finish at Frisco Nordic Center

You can choose to skate or classic each race; you will be asked this question when you register online.  We ask that all racers ski the course during daylight hours, and you must compete within the allotted timeframe for your time to be included in our race results.

How does it work?

  1. Register for the Series or for individual races.
  2. Join the ‘Frisco Up and At ‘Em’ club on your Strava app.
  3. Sign the race waiver (select ‘special event’ when it asks what type of ticket this waiver is for)
  4. Be a season pass holder or purchase a day pass.
  5. Ski the marked course during the time frame designated below.
  6. Track your run on your GPS watch or Strava app and download your GPS file and email it to the race director, Linsey Joyce. Please have your race results emailed over, or, posted to Strava by 9am the Monday following each race.
  7. Check back here for race results or the Frisco Nordic Center Facebook Page.


Online registration is now open.

Registration Fees

Series (4 races)

  • Adult (18+) – $45
  • Youth (under 18) – $30

Individual Race

  • Adult (18+) – $15
  • Youth (under 18) – $10

Series Gift

All Series registrants will receive a custom Hydroflask Wine Tumbler.

Race Information

Start Times

Racers will have Wednesday-Sunday from 7:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. to ski the designated course.


All races will range in distance from 4 mile to 7 miles. All races will take place on groomed Frisco Nordic Center trails. The course will be marked with red arrows on trees or trail signs adjacent to junctions. Racers are highly encouraged to study and/or pre-ski the course before a timed effort as there will NOT be V-boards on the trail directing racers.


Please click here to sign the race waiver (select ‘special event’ when it asks what type of ticket this waiver is for.)  You only need to fill out this waiver one time for the entire series.


This Series will be self-timed. All racers must use a GPS device, a watch or app on their phone, to record and map their run. Racers are encouraged to join the Up & At ‘Em Series ‘club’ on Strava where they can share their time and see who they are competing against. Racers will be asked to email their race file from their GPS device to the race director, Linsey Joyce.


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