Boat Slips, Moorings, & Storage Rates


Public ramp use, BIG boat crane day, and getting your boat on the water:

The ramp when the reservoir is full (9017 ft. high in elevation- see bottom of Marina main page for water levels) has 8 ft. of water for the public to launch boats from, there is no fee to use the ramp, but there must be at least 4 ft. of water on it or be at an elevation of 9013 ft.  Remember you must account for the height of your trailer and tires. There are multiple ways to get your boat in the water during the early season.

  • If the water is low the Frisco Bay Marina can launch boats under 5,000 lbs. off the old highway that runs out into the reservoir.  This is accomplished by filling out a work order on-line for the marina staff to launch your boat. Unfortunately due to the condition of that old highway customers cannot launch boats themselves off of it.  Launching this way can only be accomplished by marina staff.  We can start launching boats once we get enough ice melted in the Frisco Bay to place boats on mooring balls until we get the docks back into position.  We will provide access to your boat on the mooring ball until it gets placed into its slip.  If your boat is over 5,000 lbs. we will launch it on our BIG boat crane day, we hire a crane and we place all BIG boats in the water that morning.   This date may move based upon where the deepest water the crane operator can reach at that water level on that day. Just to note for all of you that watch our water levels like a hawk, 20.9 to 26.5 ft. down means that the crane operator cannot reach a location with deep enough water for those BIG boats to be safely placed.
  • The last option is to launch your boat at the Dillon Marina launch ramp.  This ramp is long enough to handle launching at most water levels, however there is a fee to launch, and this ramp will not open to public use until all ice comes off the main body of water.
  • Remember that you will need to get inspected at any ramp before launching.

Reservoir Regulations

  • Denver Water, the governing authority on Dillon Reservoir, restricts craft size to under 40 feet long. A boat that big would be unable to use Frisco’s ramp anyway because of the required depth needed to launch a craft that large.
  • There are no horsepower restrictions, however above transom exhausts are not allowed on the Reservoir, and there is a speed limit of 30 mph on any lake in the State of Colorado.
  • No swimming or water skiing is allowed in Dillon Reservoir per Denver Water.