Pets & Kids

Pets & Kids
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Bring your entire family for a fun day in Frisco! Kids can be entertained by a walk through time at the Historic Park and Museum where they can view the train model, guess which animal fur they are petting and get behind the bars at the old jail. While in town, there are numerous playgrounds for them to run out their energy. The kids would even enjoy shopping along Main Street where they could grab an ice cream cone and go to a toy store. In addition to what Frisco offers, there are more activities around the area that kids would enjoy such as the Marina for a boat ride, the recreation path for a bike ride or hike, and a gold mine tour just outside of town.

For your four legged friend, Summit County and Frisco are truly dog heaven. There are numerous hikes around Frisco that are dog friendly. A local favorite is Rainbow Lake right off of Second St. or North Ten Mile at the end of West Main St. Stop in the Information Center for a map and know your boundaries. If you are going to hike into wilderness area, your dog will need to be on a leash.  In National Forest, dogs must be under voice control and always remember to pick up after your pet so we can all enjoy the outdoors.

Hikes with pets

As mentioned above, Summit County is a great place for dogs because of the miles of hiking, plenty of water, and cooler temperatures. Here are some tail wag approved trails for you and your friend:

  • Rainbow Lake:Park at the end of 2nd off of Main St. You will see signs in the parking area to go left towards Rainbow Lake. There are numerous water crossing (bridges for humans) and the destination is Rainbow Lake where dogs can swim and fetch sticks. Just past Rainbow Lake is another little steam next to the Peaks Trail. This is a nice trail but highly used by mountain bikers so use caution, especially if your dog is off leash. There are also numerous social trails around the Rainbow Lake area if you should feel the need to wander. This is a very popular local trail so be sure to be respectful of other trail users who may not have a dog with them by picking up after your pet, keeping your pet leashed if he has the tendency to be “overly friendly”, and keep the stress low on wildlife by making sure your dog doesn’t chase.
  • Mayflower Gulch: Not exactly in Frisco but close enough to mention here as it is a great hike in general and dogs love it! Drive 6 miles to the Copper/Leadville exit on HWY 91.  Go another 5.4 past Copper towards Leadville. The road will become 2 lane and as it gets towards the top of the hill you will see the parking area on the left. The trail is at an elevation of over 10,000 feet but the views are worth it. It is easy to moderate in that it will be a short uphill, with a flat section, another short uphill, another flat section and so on until you reach the abandoned mining town of Boston. There are still remnants of cabins, an old dance hall and mining equipment. You are in a valley at the bottom of some majestic mountains (Fletcher Mt) and on a blue sky day it is the best place to be. There is water along the way and at the mining town in the form of a stream. In the winter this is a great ski or snow shoe trail and in the summer this is a great wildflower hike.  Be aware of summer afternoon thunderstorms and start your hike in the morning or early afternoon. Plan 2-4 hours for this hike.
  • Recreation Peninsula: This is a high use area so dogs must be on leash or voice control. There is a frisbee golf course and numerous trails to bike and hike on. The ultimate plus is the access to the reservoir for hot doggies. No swimming allowed for people (as the water is very cold) but your pooch would love a little cooloff.
  • Any Forest Service trail: There are countless areas for dogs in Summit County and we have just listed a few. Stop at the Dillon Ranger District in Silverthorne for free maps and regulations on trails in the area.
  • BLM: The Buereu of Land Management has numerous hiking opportunities as well. Contact them directly for information on our Public Lands.

Hikes with kids

Any of the recreational pathway around Frisco is user friendly to strollers, bikes, skateboards, walkers or any other form of getting around. This is a great option for families since it is a smooth, paved path. If you want to get to a more adventurous hike you can consider the following:

  • Willow Preserve: Overlook and nature trail on a boardwalk type path. Off Summit Blvd. exit Ten Mile Dr. to the parking area for the trail. This is a short trail but multiple stops for interpretive signs.
  • Rainbow Lake: Minimal elevation gain where the destination is Rainbow Lake. Start at 2nd Ave. off of Main St where you will see a parking area and signage for Rainbow Lake. Uneven and varied terrain with a true feeling of walking in the woods. This trail is a very popular local trail and dog friendly trail. From 2nd, to the lake and back takes about 45 minutes-2 hours depending on speed and stops.
  • Lily Pad Lake: From the Frisco round about, this is a moderate to difficult hike. For children (or those looking for an easier hike) you can access this trail from the top of the Wilderness subdivision. Exit 205 to Silverthorne, turn left at the 7-11 (Wilderness Rd) and follow this road 3.5 miles to the top will you will see trail head signs and parking.  There is little elevation gain but the hike will take you 1-3 hours depending on if you stop for lunch or snack breaks. The actual lake does get lily pads with yellow flowers in the summer and it is surrounded by smaller lakes where beavers have been hard a work.