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Wassail Days

What’s Wassail?

Wassail is a generations old holiday tradition that by most accounts originated in England and was simply a wish “to be in good health and fortune.” In England people celebrated with Wassail in hopes of a good apple harvest. There are many Wassail traditions throughout the world, but in Frisco, Wassail Days is an holiday experience for people looking for unique shopping and a slowed down version of holiday celebrations.

From December 5-December 14, 2014, local businesses serve up their own secret version of wassail. Guests are encouraged to taste at least 12 different types of wassail at 12 different locations and fill their “12 Sips of Wassail Card.” Once the “12 Sips” card is filled out guests can turn them in at the Frisco/Copper Information Center in exchange for a commemorative Frisco Wassail Days mug. Late on Saturday, December 13, we ran out of 2014 limited edition Wassail Days mugs.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but we hope you enjoyed visiting local Frisco businesses.  


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