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Wassail Days

Wassail Competition Winners

Many people ask, so what do you do during Frisco Wassail Days?

The answer. Drink wassail of course! From December 5-December 14, 2014, local businesses serve up their own secret version of wassail. Guests are encouraged to taste at least 12 different types of wassail at 12 different locations and fill their “12 Sips of Wassail Card.” Once the “12 Sips” card is filled out guests can turn them in at the Frisco/Copper Information Center in exchange for a commemorative Frisco Wassail Days mug. The 2014 Frisco Wassail Days mug even features the iconic Moose Jaw, a Frisco tradition in its own right. In other words, it’s a pretty cool mug. You can also vote for the business that served your favorite Wassail recipe. Each year we tally up the votes and award the top business the Wassail Cup.

2013 Wassail Days Results:

Overall People’s Choice Winners:

First Place: The Lost Cajun with 353 votes

Second Place: Rivers Clothing Company with 227 votes

Third Place: The Next Page & Tea Bar with 136 votes

Fourth Place: Cameez Frozen Yogurt & Coffee with 92 votes

Fifth Place: WANTED with 87 votes

Sixth Place tie: Frisco Fun N’ Formal -AND- Prost Beer & Sausages with 85 votes

*No categories in 2013

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